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Country: Albania
Seniority Title: Senior Tipster
Ranking: 129
Number of Picks: 541
Total Points: -193
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29 Apr. 2012 (Sun)
Greuther Fürth - Fortuna Düsseldorf (Ger. 2. Bundesliga) 1‑1
Tipster Pick Odd Stake Sure Score Result
ALBO Away 3.2 10/10 Sure  1-1 -20 Lost
a good chance for the guest from dusseldorf to sure the 3. place in the table. they have the best chances, because they have 60 points, one more than the actually 4. placed St.Pauli. the home team gruther furth have 68 points and is with eintracht frankfurt in the next season in the first german league. now, we are searching for the last team, who can rise in the best german league. Fortuna Dusseldorf can sure this place and plays against the 16. from the first german league. I am sure Dusseldorf will give all to win in this game.
submitted on 29 Apr. 2012 14:07 (Sun)
28 Apr. 2012 (Sat)
RNK Split - NK Zagreb (Cro. 1.HNL T-Com) 2‑0
Tipster Pick Odd Stake Sure Score Result
ALBO Away 4.2 10/10 Sure  2-0 -20 Lost
NK Zagreb have won all the last 4 games. This is one of the best performance till long time. This Team are on the 6. place and meets today against RNK Split. The home side is on the 4. place and will try to win this very important game. With 43 Points they have the best chances to play for the play offs. But Split have won just two of their last 5 matches! The guest Zagreb is still since 4 games without a loss and I think this can be the big sign in this game. Away
submitted on 28 Apr. 2012 18:58 (Sat)
Ranheim - Start (Nor. Adeccoligaen) 1‑1
Tipster Pick Odd Stake Sure Score Result
ALBO Home 2.55 10/10 Sure  1-1 -20 Lost
Ranheim has very good start in this young season. They have won all three games and earned first. Today they received start! A team that is good, but is not as good as Ranheim started. Since Ranheim plays at home, I trust them so well to win today. They will try to play aggressively and to inspire the viewers at home.
submitted on 28 Apr. 2012 18:54 (Sat)
21 Apr. 2012 (Sat)
De Graafschap - Heracles Almelo (Hol. Eredivisie) 2‑3
Tipster Pick Odd Stake Sure Score Result
ALBO Home 3.75 10/10   2-3 -10 Lost
Home win because De Graafschap is still on the 16th place and may cause the guest is not very strong. The guest and Utrecht are on a eye-to eye quality and the home had beatten Utrecht with 3:0 at home. De Grafschaap has too few points and must count on luck to the 16th Place to achieve may still remain in the league. For Heracles it is about nothing more. Already in the midfield and have saved himself in the league. But the guest is simply too weak, as they can win here. So I think Graafschap can win at home one time more against a guest who are not the best and play for nothing
submitted on 21 Apr. 2012 16:36 (Sat)
Brest - Rennes (Fra. Ligue 1) 0‑1
Tipster Pick Odd Stake Sure Score Result
ALBO Away 2.5 10/10   0-1 +15 Won
Rennes controlling towards Europe. They have won their last two games sovereign and they are currently in sixth place with 51 points. A win today could make the decisive turning point. They have recaptured after a difficult period and are now faced with the absolute challenge. Brest, however, is one foot in the relegation battle and need points too, because they have only 33 in the account and can descend. But they are in a bad form and so I think that the guest Rennes will win today
submitted on 21 Apr. 2012 16:04 (Sat)
Charlton - Wycombe (Eng. League One) 2‑1
Tipster Pick Odd Stake Sure Score Result
ALBO Away 5.25 10/10   2-1 -10 Lost
Wycombe is now in the dangerous relegation zone and only two matches to play. They have 43 points and need a major victory, otherwise the close. The Home Team Charlton is first with 94 points and are already qualified for the Championsship league. In light of this, I think that Wycombe will really playing with heart to descend. Wycombe needs also a victory and I trust them this, because its an important match and for Charlton this is a game without any interest
submitted on 21 Apr. 2012 15:32 (Sat)
FC Köln - VfB Stuttgart (Ger. 1. Bundesliga) 1‑1
Tipster Pick Odd Stake Sure Score Result
ALBO Home 4.1 10/10 Sure  1-1 -20 Lost
cologne is naturally on a bad position. a team, that has very big talents is now on a relegation place. the coach is fired, and today is a very good team guested. the name of this team is vfb stuttgart. I think cologne have to risk anything in this game to win, because they must not get in the second league. cologne is tradional team who plays a long long team in the first league in germany. the guest stuttgart has a very good form, and they want this important 5th place for the european qualification in the next saison, but I think this is the game of the life for the home team and with the big support of their fans, a home victory is possible
submitted on 21 Apr. 2012 15:46 (Sat)
20 Apr. 2012 (Fri)
FC Eindhoven - Fortuna Sittard (Hol. Division 2) 4‑3
Tipster Pick Odd Stake Sure Score Result
ALBO Away 3.65 10/10   4-3 -10 Lost
The final stage of the second division, Holland. The teams are all fighting strongly to the play offs. Both teams can still rise, the home team with 60 points already in the play-off places, actually in third place. The guest today is a very need a victory today to get back to the Play Off places, so they must be right today and get gas. They have 47 points. Sittard must seize this opportunity to secure everything for next week at home
submitted on 20 Apr. 2012 20:19 (Fri)
Go Ahead Eagles - FC Emmen (Hol. Division 2) 1‑0
Tipster Pick Odd Stake Sure Score Result
ALBO Away 10 10/10   1-0 -10 Lost
Emmen is desperate, with 19 points in last place and even has 6 points get deducted. But nothing is lose! Emmen can leave with a win today, the last place and save themselves only if they beat this opponent! Go Ahead is in the middle of the table, but has bad cards to get into the play offs because they have too few points. Therefore, the last chance for Emmen to win today or get down
submitted on 20 Apr. 2012 20:01 (Fri)
Sparta - AGOVV Apeldoorn (Hol. Division 2) 4‑1
Tipster Pick Odd Stake Sure Score Result
ALBO Draw 6.75 10/10   4-1 -10 Lost
A very important game for both. Sparta Rotterdam is in second place with 61 points and must be careful, because the competition never sleeps. But the guest must score here, because they are on the 17th Place with 19 points and can descend. I guess that is now becoming a very difficult game for Sparta Rotterdam, because guests will put on the defensive around here to get a point. My tip is draw
submitted on 20 Apr. 2012 20:07 (Fri)

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