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Glentoran - Renova
League: UEFA Europa League
Date: 07 Jul. 2011 20:45 (Thu)

Home [1]: 6 Home/Draw [1X]: 0 Under [Un]: 0
Draw [X]: 0 Home/Away [12]: 0 Over [Ov]: 0
Away [2]: 1 Draw/Away [X2]: 0

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7 Jul. 2011 (Thu)
Glentoran - Renova (UEFA Europa League) 2‑1
Tipster Pick Odd Stake Sure Score Result
sedlak Home 2.62 10/10   2-1 +16.2 Won
Glentorian is my winner in this game. They lost firt leg back in Macedonia but thet was very close game and they should get draw. Glentorian finish that game ith 9 players and I am sure that they played with full squad whole game they would win. Macedonian teams plays bad away from home in European Competitions and Glentorian had 8-4-4 at home last season.
submitted on 07 Jul. 2011 19:43 (Thu)
Glentoran - Renova (UEFA Europa League) 2‑1
Tipster Pick Odd Stake Sure Score Result
dat.8.ja Away 2.4 10/10   2-1 -10 Lost
Renova was won first leg at home ground with 2-1, now they will travel to the North Ireland for second leg against Glentoran. Domestic club are too much agressive, that is major problem for them, and tonight again they will probably get red card. Renova know how to kept the ball in possesion, they have quality and better result from the first leg. Renova to pass in the next round with another victory over Glentoran.
my pick: Renova
submitted on 07 Jul. 2011 19:34 (Thu)
Glentoran - Renova (UEFA Europa League) 2‑1
Tipster Pick Odd Stake Sure Score Result
suciti Home 2.62 10/10   2-1 +16.2 Won
submitted on 07 Jul. 2011 17:59 (Thu)
Glentoran - Renova (UEFA Europa League) 2‑1
Tipster Pick Odd Stake Sure Score Result
markoni Home 2.62 10/10   2-1 +16.2 Won
Renova won first game with 2:1 score.. I consider them lacky and I think they did not deserving that win. Glentorian in that game receive two red card, first in 13th minute of the game. Still they managed to score equalizer goal but then they was unlacky to receive second goal in 87th minute. I think they was playing good and after all I think that they are better team then renova. I think they will win at home
submitted on 07 Jul. 2011 17:15 (Thu)
Glentoran - Renova (UEFA Europa League) 2‑1
Tipster Pick Odd Stake Sure Score Result
kaiser1970 Home 2.62 10/10   2-1 +16.2 Won
First leg end with Renova 2:1 win. Glentorian lost that game but they has good result for second leg because they are only down one goal and has goals score away so 1:0 win is good for home team. I dont think that Renova is good team away from home and Glentorian has muchmore experience at this level
submitted on 07 Jul. 2011 13:11 (Thu)
Glentoran - Renova (UEFA Europa League) 2‑1
Tipster Pick Odd Stake Sure Score Result
The Wolf Home 2.62 10/10   2-1 +16.2 Won
Glentoran lost in Macedonia 1-2 but that was because of some rediculous decisions of the referee who played his part in that undeserved loss for Glentoran sending off two northern irish players without thinking twice. Nevertheless Glentoran put on a good fight on the day and they'll be looking to do the job at home cause as we know the macedonian teams are really shy away from home and Renova won't make an exception today but will be beaten by Glentoran
submitted on 07 Jul. 2011 12:31 (Thu)
Glentoran - Renova (UEFA Europa League) 2‑1
Tipster Pick Odd Stake Sure Score Result
FC Porto Home 2.75 10/10   2-1 +17.5 Won
Glentoran was heroic just being defeated in Macedonia by 1-2, with only nine man on the last minutes. Renova is no longer a threaten as they sold the best players and they have a very young and inexperienced team. At a full house on Northern Ireland, Glentoran is my favourite.
submitted on 06 Jul. 2011 20:41 (Wed)

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